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Question: A wife has enough money.  She spent a lot in sadaqa.  Help people.  Her husband is in dept for spending the daily expenditure. Has she responsibility to help her husband. Can she spent all her without caring husband Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most …

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LAY-BY – Game Stores

Question: Hazrat how are you? Is layby allowed in Islam? In game they are promotional offers on layby. You pay a deposit of 20% of the value and then you pay the remaining cash within 3 months 2 situations here. They take your bank account details and will cut the …

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Using Game Stores staff discount

Question: Respected Mufti Sahib At Game Stores, the staff offer customers to buy in their name as they get staff discounts, then after you purchase the item, the staff ask for a payment on top. As an example, an item is K45,000. The staff price is K32,000. Once the staff …

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