Mufti M Saeed Motara

Message from Mufti Muhammad Saeed Motara [Hafidhahullah]

Head Mufti of Darul Iftaa – Madrasah Arabia Islamia, Azaadville, South Africa

Khalifa of Faqeehul Ummah Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (Rahimahullah)


Assalaamu álaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh

نحمده ونصلي ونسلم علي رسوله الكريم

It gave me immense pleasure to learn that Mufti Safwaan Ibrahim Saheb حفظه الله  of Limbe, Malawi has recently established and launched a Darul-Iftaa website via the link In doing so, he is rendering a sterling service firstly to the Muslim community of Malawi and indeed broadly to the global Muslim Ummah at large, all this due to the universal accessibility that such an online service offers.

It is invigorating and truly inspiring to notice that young and budding Mufti graduates are taking the initiative to provide such an auspicious and beneficial service to the global Ummah. Together with serving the Ummah they are benefiting themselves too in that this service gives them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons in the field of Fiqh and Iftaa as opposed to becoming stagnated and rusty in the said field of study, had they not been able to provide services of this nature. It also gives them a platform to impart to the public-for the Pleasure of Allah-the knowledge and expertise that they have been Divinely blessed with.

It is my fervent and heartfelt Du’aa that Allah Ta’aala crowns this effort of Mufti Safwaan Ibrahim Saheb and his team حفظهم الله  with success and that He abundantly rewards every individual who has been instrumental in making the project reach this milestone.

My humble appeal goes out to first and foremost to the Muslims of Malawi and generally to the Muslim Ummah of the world to make use of this great opportunity by submitting their Deeni queries and concerns to Darul Iftaa Limbe, so that their queries and concerns can be addressed in the light of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

May Allah Ta’aala let Darul Iftaa Limbe grow from strength to strength, make it a beacon of Hidaayah for the entire planet, grant sincerity to all those who are rendering this sublime service and make it the means for their success in this world and their salvation in the Aakhirah. Aameen.

[Mufti] Muhammed Saeed Motara [Hafidhahullah],
servant of Darul-Uloom Azaadville, South Africa.
4 Jumaadal-Ukhra 1440
10 February 2019.