Foreword by  Moulana Abdul Hamid Is’haq [Hafidhahullah]

Principal & Founder – Madrasah Arabia Islamia; Darul Uloom Azaadville

 Senior Khalifa of Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib RA


Hamidaw wa Musallien wa Musallima

Tawakkulan Alallaah ………

On the opening of Darul Iftaa, Limbe – Malawi

This is great and wonderful news, especially in these times, when generally, people do not have an inclination towards Dien, and if they do have, it’s a Dien of one’s own desires, or a watered down Dien, suited to the times and desires of people. The proper Dien followed by the Sahaabah Radhiallaahu Anhum and our righteous and pious Aslaaf and Akaabir Rahimahumullaah is becoming increasingly rare. In such a scenario to have your Darul Iftaa for Malawi and the world is extremely good news! 

People are continuously in need of masaail for their day to day matters of Dien and dunia, your Darul Iftaa will go a very long way in answering their queries and this great need of Dien for the whole Muslim Public, the Ummat at large, according to the Quraan Sharief and Hadith Sharief, Ijmaa and Qiyaas, i.e. The Shariat.

It is my fervent dua that Allaah Jallajalaaluhu grant the toufieq and ability at all times to answer all the istiftaas and queries correctly, save us from all errors, make it most beneficial for us and the whole Ummat and crown it with every success and fully, fully accept it in His Honourable Court. Aamien.

[Moulana] Abdul Hamid Is’haq [Hafidhahullah]

8th Jumaadal-Ula, 1439 AH | 25-01-2018

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