Foreword by  Mufti Ebrahim Desai [Hafidhahullah]

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The world is thirsty for guidance on the straight path (siratul mustaqeem) which is described as the moderate path which is between extremism and negligence.

One of the reasons for the successful existence of our Ummah despite so many odds over 1500 years when many ideologies and philosophies came and vanished is Islam’s moderate approach by Muftis in every era in issuing rulings of Shariah.

On one side they were firm on the orders of the Qur’aan and Ahadith, and on the other side, they considered the ever changing conditions and challenges of the Ummah in all aspects of life. Almighty Allah has chosen special people to serve as Muftis of this great Ummah to navigate this Ummah on Siratul Mustaqeem.

I am extremely pleased with the launch of the website, Darul Iftaa Malawi by Mufti Safwaan Ibrahim. Whilst Malawi is surrounded by mountains and is known for its beautiful lake, it is hoped the fatwas will serve as a mountain top of inspiration for the Muslims in Malawi and instil a deep and refreshing lake of hope in them to practice Islam.

Mufti Safwaan Ibrahim studied his Iftaa course under me. I observed his great talents and his abilities in issuing fatwas. It is my heartfelt dua that Allah accept the efforts of Mufti Safwan Ibrahim and crown his efforts with qubuliyyah. Aameen.

[Mufti] Ebrahim Desai [Hafidhahullah]

9th Jumaadal-Ukhra, 1439 AH | 24-02-2018

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