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Gifts from Bank

Question: Wanted to ask if u allowed gifts from the bank, they give complimentary gifts coz someone said drinking water at the bank is haram even eating the sweets given by a bank are haram Sometimes they give chocolates juice biscuits & diary because you have an account & you’ve …

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Question: Assalamu Alaikum Banks give interest in our bank accounts, so obviously that amount has to be taken out and given away to the poor. However, there is a tax on that interest. For example, if they give an interest amount of K20,000 , they deduct 20% of the interest …

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Farming agreement

Question: Slms mufti saab. Hope you doing well Lets say I am into the business of farming. Now I have employed someone. We have an agreement that I will not pay him any salary but he will be paid according to the harvest we get from farming from this season. …

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Airtel Khethekhethe Bonus

Question: Airtel launched Khethekhethe loyalty program which sees subscribers getting free airtime for any airtime usage. The bonus is used to make Airtel to Airtel phone calls, internet and send SMS’s. “The bonus will be given out once a month for airtime usage of the previous calendar month. Customers do …

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MRA Tax Relief

Question: In Malawi most people pay by cheque to Islamic institution. The question is if I pay institution ABC 5,000,000.00 kwacha The institution has received 5,000,000.00 But I am get a 30 percent tax relief on this 5,000,000.00 from the tax people because they allow this as an expense and …

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Pre-agreed Rental Increase

Question: Assalaamu Alaikum An agreement was made btwn landlords and tenant for 3 years and 2  yearly increments (10% every 12 months) However the landlord forgot to raise the rent on the following year and tenant had that in mind but did not remind. He thought it was a concession …

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Receiving interest and offsetting

Question: Asalamualaikum, I want to seek your advice on this particular issue. I didn’t have knowledge about VAT payments that is was due. I received a notice from MRA about the outstanding VAT and they have charged penalty and interest. I know interest dealing in anyway is not permissible. I …

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Airtel Money Trust Interest

Question: Txn Id:ER191116.0856.H93855. Dear Customer, you have recieved MK 1412.29 from AIRTEL MONEY TRUST INTEREST. Your available balance is  MK45787.29. Personal account Is the above money termed as ‘interest’ permissible to use? I asked the company and below is their response. From the company; Airtel: It’s interest we are giving …

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