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Qurbani being done by Organisations

Question: What do the Ulama say regarding the following two situations? 1) Certain stock farmers sell sheep and goats at the time of Qurbaani. They charge a stipulated fee for providing the service of parcelling and packaging the Qurbaani meat for all those people who wish to do Qurbaani at …

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Qurbani animals and hurting neighbours

Question: Assalamu Alaykum May almighty Allah accept your hard work & grant you success in both the worlds, save you from the hardships of both the worlds. I have a small query pertaining to the lecture, hazrat has recommended to purchase the Qurbani animal a few days before the Eid …

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Who is eligible to give the Adhan?

Question: As-salaamu alikum Mufti Sahib, Who is eligible to give Adhan? In our Masjid, people who give Adhan cannot pronounce all the Arabi letters correctly. For example, they pronounce أ instead of ع. Also, they wear trouser below their ankle and not follow the correct sunnah of our Beloved Nabi …

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